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Medications At School

Medication in Original Container with Student Name

Instructions for administration of medication 

Parent/ Guardian Signature and Date

1.  ALL medications, both prescription and nonprescription, must be transported to and from the Health Office by a parent or guardian. Students are not permitted to have medications in their possession. 

2.  Original Container: ALL medication must be in its original container. 

3. School Permission to give medication: Medication must have a written doctor's statement or current prescription (label on container) indicating that the medication is to be taken during school hours. Physician orders may be faxed to the school nurse at 812-486-2336. All medications will also require a signature from the parent/guardian giving permission for the school to give the medication. It shall be the student's responsibility to come to the nurse's office to receive the medication at the designated time. 

4. Over the counter medication (Acetaminophen, Motrin or Tums) may be given if needed and based on the nurse's assessment if a parent consent is on file. Primary/Elementary students, parents will be called for verbal permission to give medication if needed based on the nurse's assessment. 

5. If a medication is to be discontinued, the parent should notify the school nurse by phone or provide a written note of request. 

6. Student possession and self-administration of emergency medication is permitted for student with medical conditions. An annual written authorization must be received from the parent and physician stating the nature of the disease and that the student has been instructed in how to self-administer the medication. 

7. Medication Disposal: At the close of the school year, ALL medication should be taken by the student's parent or designated adult. Any medication remaining will be destroyed. 

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